Passage of HB2642

Thanks to all the Estheticians in Oregon who wrote their Representatives HB 2642 passed the Oregon House and Senate and has been signed by Governor Kate Brown!

This bill was very important in defining the future role Estheticians will play in providing advanced beauty services throughout the state.  The scope of practice of Oregon Estheticians can now be expanded to include non-ablative:

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Photo Rejuvenation
  • Body Contouring
  • Dyschromia Reduction
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Hair Removal
  • Tattoo Removal

In July of 2013 Oregon Estheticians were on the cusp of being banned from even being able to perform laser hair removal, today they have a pathway to expand their scope into Tattoo Removal and Body Contouring, services that are relevant in todays economy!

To be honest all Esthetician in Oregon should be celebrating.  We are right next door to a state that banned Estheticians from doing even LED treatments, and there were certain people that wanted to make Oregon that same way.  HB 2642 was sponsored by former House Majority Leader Hoyle, Representative Doherty, and Representative Huffman.  This bill protecting Oregon Estheticians would not have passed without the work of these three Representative.

Val Hoyle has decided to run for the Oregon Secretary of State Position.  Her work this last legislative session was the reason this bill passed.  I want to encourage everyone reading this post to realize the feat that Val Hoyle accomplished for Oregon Estheticians and to help by donating to her campaign for Oregon Secretary of State.  She has gone above and beyond to prove that she will protect your ability to work in Oregon doing services that are relevant.  You can donate or volunteer to her campaign at

Thanks again for all your support getting this bill passed and Thank You Val Hoyle!


Ryan Covey



Running Out Of Time!

oregon-state-capitolHey Everyone! We are running out of time to get this Bill into a subcommittee on Ways and Means! We need some emails to the people listed below! If they represent you please contact them! WE ONLY HAVE TILL MID NEXT WEEK to get this to a subcommittee, otherwise it is DEAD!


Key Contacts:

Sen. Richard Devlin – tualatin, sherwood, west linn
Rep. Peter Buckley – ashland, talent

Rep. Debbie Boone – tillamook, seaside, astoria
Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer – ne portland
Rep. Nancy Nathanson – eugene, lane county
Rep. Andy Olson – albany
Rep. Duane Stark – central point
Sen. Alan Bates – ashland, medford, talent, grants pass
Sen. Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward – washington county, beavertonish
Sen. Jackie Winters – salem, turner

Talking Points:

For the past 18 months professional estheticians have been meeting and negotiating with the Health Licensing Agency and the Board of Cosmetology regarding the creation of a new licensure board for Certified Advanced Estheticians.

HB 2642 would ensure stringent education and training requirements, as well as licensure and accountability standards for the safety and welfare of the public when it comes to access and utilization of lasers for both cosmetic and health improvements.

Non-ablative procedures – meaning those that do not break the skin – are available to the Oregonians at this time through a few channels:

• Overly expensive visits to a surgeons office, where an esthetician who is not advanced certified to perform these procedures are conducting the practice “under supervision” of the physician.

•, or other online outlets, where the consumer is using these devices at home, by themselves, untrained and risking injury.

• Trained estheticians, who have had specific training in non ablative procedures.

Other states, including our neighbor to the north, are now requiring additional education and safety requirements surrounding the operation of cosmetic lasers. HB 2642 would establish this same level of education and safety for Oregonians.

This bill passed out of the House Health Care Committee unanimously and is now in Ways & Means, awaiting referral to the Human Services Sub-Committee.

There is NO impact to the General Fund with the passage of this bill. The Health Licensing Agency will use it’s pre-existing board funds to help get this board off the ground. In other words, using the funds it has saved due to administrative consolidation of the other boards the OHLA oversees, this board will be able to operate in the first biennium and then become self-funded through fees.

Please support HB 2642 and the creation of the Certified Advanced Estheticians Licensure Board.

Public Hearing Scheduled for 2/18/15!

The Oregon House Committee on Health Care has schedule the public hearing for Bill 2642 on Wednesday, February 18th at 1:00. Please attend and be prepared to comment on why Estheticians should be allowed to use non-ablative lasers!

Oregon State Capitol
900 Court Street NE, Room 453,
Salem, Oregon 97301

1:00 P.M.
Room: HR E


Why this bill?

Sixteen months ago, the Oregon Board of Cosmetology declared an emergency and held a meeting to declare a 180 day ban on estheticians performing laser services. Estheticians around the state, physicians and consumers attended the meeting on October 15th providing testimony against the ban. The board voted to delay the ban at that time, opting to review and revise administrative language rules in a future meeting. The board appointed members of a Rules Advisory Committee to review the current rules about estheticians providing advanced treatments, including lasers and chemical peels. The Rules Advisory Committee was comprised of licensed estheticians, physicians, licensed esthetic instructors, and owners of facilities that provide laser services. This committee met and it was determined that Oregon legislation has not kept up with technology and new legislation was required. The Rules Advisory Committee formed an Ad Hoc Committee and continued its mission.

House Bill 2642 will require estheticians who operate lasers or other energy devices to become certified. It establishes a governing board, so estheticians who operate lasers will be separated from the Board of Cosmetology, which also includes hair and nail technology. See a copy of the bill here.

House Bill 2642 elevates the profession of esthetics, protects the consumer from receiving treatments from an unskilled technician and provides jobs for working women.

Please email or write your State Representative. If you don’t know who your state representative is, you can enter your zip code in this link and find out.

Send a message to state representative that you support Oregon House Bill 2642 and to please vote YES. Your message will be important to protect consumers and estheticians who operate lasers in Oregon.

The Board of Cosmetology is meeting on January 26th at 9:00 AM in Salem. Please attend this meeting. Your attendance signals to the Board that you are paying attention to what is happening.

Also, help us out and forward this message to other estheticians to get the word out!

Questions? Mary Nielsen from Spectrum Advanced Asthetics was fundamental in helping support Estheticians with the creation of this Bill. She is happy to answer questions about it. You can email her at